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Whenever you are doing your Parties, talking to anyone about your products or talking to prospective Consultants show your passion for your  products and Opportunity. Be enthusiastic. 

As the Guests arrive, introduce yourself as their Beauty Consultant for the party, ask them their names, how they are doing, and ask if they have ever been to a Beauty Sensation Party. Now, while you were meeting and greeting the Guests as they arrived one of the things you should do is pre-select two guests that you'd like to be your Models, one for Skin Care and one for Makeup. Stay relaxed and project to each guest how enthusiastic and excited you are about the business and the products. Do not spend too much time with any one Guest, move around and chat with everyone for a few minutes. Why are you doing this? So by the time you are ready to get started everyone will feel comfortable with you and you feeling comfortable with them. It cannot be over-emphasized how important this is.

OK, it's time to start the Party but your Hostess ask you to hold off because she doesn't want to start until her dear friend gets there. Fine, but you don't want to keep those present waiting too long; what do you do?

IT'S TIME TO PLAY PARTY GAMES. Get everyone together in the room or area where your Demo will take place and inform them we are going to start with a Game or two. The Games helps you to buy time while you wait for the late arrivals. You decide how long the Games will go on, but keep in mind they shouldn't  be too long.

Ok, the late arrivals are there now and you have decided to get started. Now you can see why it was so important that you got acquainted earlier, meeting them and playing the Party games.


Good evening ladies, my name is (YOUR NAME) and I'm your Beauty Sensation Beauty Consultant this evening/morning/tonight. First I'd like to THANK our Gracious Hostess (her name) for inviting us in her lovely home. I would also like to thank each of you for coming.

We'll be having a "HOW TO" Skin Care and Makeup Demonstration. As I go along I'll explain everything step by step.

Before we get started with the Demonstration I'd like to tell you a little about myself and Beauty Sensation.

TELL YOUR STORY as to how you got started, what you like about the products and  what you hope to get out of the business.

Telling your story is very important. It helps to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed because it's your story. Also, because you are talking about yourself the Guests will identify more with you and some will begin to think wow, I'd like to get involved, I can . 

Tell them Beauty Sensation's objective is to offer Skin Care and Makeup of the highest quality, teach women how to apply their Makeup and provide an opportunity for those women that could see themselves doing what I'm doing, while earning an extra income and meeting beautiful people. So, if any of you ladies would like to know how you can get started please let me know when I assist you in your order selections at the end of the party.

Knowing your products and company information well when starting your show  will come across to the audience as them dealing with a professional Rep that night.. Others looking at you and hearing you speak about your business with passion is a sure fire way to get 1-2 recruits at the party that night!!! So do your homework and learn your business plan and product knowledge. It can help you earn more. Be Polite, be Professional, be Proud of what you are doing, be a BEAUTY SENSATION and we will see you in the Winners Circle.

 At this time you will probably want to establish a delivery date for the guests. Ask them "Is one week or two weeks convenient for the delivery date"?. Go with the majority, and start passing around order forms, catalogs and the personal beauty guide sheet . This will help you in selecting their products at order taking time. This is a great time to let them know, their friend, the hostess needs at least two future  party booking from the party today so she can earn her full hostess credits and party sales over $250 from them tonight.

If a guest has to leave early before the demo is over. She has her order form and catalog already, she has written out her order and you didn't have to stop to take her order. Your hostess is your assistant at this time. She knows to take a deposit from her and give her the delivery date for the balance.

If you have inventory in stock, make this known to the guests. Customers who order makeup items [lipsticks, foundation, eye shades etc.] do not want to wait a week or two for their beauty items. This is impulsive buying and can truly drive your sales up at the party.




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