Matte Finish Liquid Foundation



A silicone-base matte liquid foundation perfect for combination or oily skin and for hot, humid climates, this fluid foundation procures a smooth, even complexion with a superb powdery matte finish. Beauty Benefits :Contains CoQ10, an anti-aging ingredient, that minimize fine fines, smoothes out wrinkles, Hydrates and softens skin. - Long-wearing. and leaves skin feeling youthful and luminous.  Absorbent powders promote a matte appearance. Method of Use :

Available in a range of shades to suit all skin tones. Tip The fluid texture of Matte Finish Foundation allows for easy, even application. Place a small amount of foundation on the fingertips of one hand. Warm to skin temperature by rubbing fingertips of both hands together. Dot onto nose, chin and forehead and smooth outwards using light, sweeping movements. Comes in a frosted bottle with a spatula, sponge and a lovely Platinum box. Size 1 OZ. 

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