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How To Earn a Full Time Income Conducting

C O S M E T I C  P A R T I E S

When it comes to making BIG MONEY in the Cosmetics business Party Plan selling is one of the best kept secrets.
It takes one to two hours to conduct a Party/Demonstration. During that time you could earn a week's salary and that's only the beginning. It's easy and you'll be having fun while you are making money.

If you don't know how to conduct Parties continue reading and you'll  learn how to become an expert.
You could earn extra money working Part -time and that's only the beginning.


In the beginning your Parties will be the main source of your income. You can earn $100 to $500.00 and more per party because you are taking orders from a group. It's highly profitable and exciting, but even more exciting, your Parties will also be the source from which you Book future Parties to continue making money. It's also the source to find prospective Beauty Consultants to develop a  Team which will lead to you earning much more in Down line Commissions ....a lot more than you could earn doing only Parties even if you were doing them 24X7.

Think about this - the smartest and easiest  way to build your Beauty Sensation business to eventually earn a six figure income is to conduct Parties to book future Parties to sell and recruit until you are earning more in Down line Commissions. That's why we "LOVE TO PARTY" at Beauty Sensation.

Now that you know that, the question is, how do you go about booking your first Party? 


Many Consultants start out Hosting their own Party. You could do the same. First, make a list of your friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers, church members, club members to invite. In fact you should consider your first Party as your "COMING OUT PARTY." It will also be your practice run before doing the next Party. Allow about two weeks for planning and contacting the people you intend to invite. Later we'll talk about the Invitations to your Party. Keep in mind your guests will need enough time to make plans of their own so they can attend.

Remember, not all of them will be able to attend your Party so those that can't should be the first ones you ask to Host a Party for you. You could say something like, sorry you can't attend my Party, so how about Hosting one for me? You then proceed to tell her about the Products that she'll receive as FREE HOSTESS GIFTS. 

Some will say yes so go ahead and immediately set a date. If she's hesitant to set the date right there and then, set a TENTATIVE DATE because most of the prospective Hostesses that are hesitant to set a date on the spot will agree to a TENTATIVE DATE, but guess what, the majority of them never change that date so, REMEMBER......a tentative date is better than no date at all  

At your Party you'll be the Hostess and Beauty Consultant so plan accordingly.


Your friends and family so you can break into their circle of friends. Once you have met their circle of friends and family it's up to you to break into their circle of friends and family by Booking Parties with them. If you work this system aggressively you will always have Parties Booked which means you will always be making money. Now, that is exciting!

It takes one to two hours to conduct a Party/Demonstration. During that time you could earn more than a weeks salary and that's only the beginning. Once you know how, it's easy. You'll have fun while you are making money and new friends.

Conducting a Party/demonstration is very easy once you know how and that will be covered in this lesson

It is natural for you to wonder "will I be nervous?" No you won't, here's why. Once you know what to say and do you'll come across like a professional. Mark my words, sooner than you expect, Party guests will be telling you, "you are good at this! 

What the guests expect at a Party:

They expect to have fun, see your products demonstrated while learning how to apply their Makeup. For fun, you and the guests will mix and mingle, make new friends, enjoy light snacks and hors d'oeuvres. 

          They also expect an informative presentation and demonstration, and chance to try the products 

To meet their expectations the secret is to keep it simple. It's nothing more than a group of friends getting together to have fun while learning how to apply their Makeup and making purchases at the conclusion as a result of learning how to use the products.

IT'S PARTY TIME. Let's take a peek at how you get started. In another lesson we'll expand on what should be done prior to what we are about to cover. 

          Let's imagine you are at a Party in front of a group of ladies; here's a peek at  your opening:

1. Introduce yourself. "Good morning (evening, good night) ladies and how are you? My name is (your name) and I am your Beauty Sensation Beauty Consultant."

First I would like to THANK our HOSTESS (her name) for inviting us into her home and  I would like to thank you for coming. You'll be introduced to Beauty Sensation, learn a quick and easy way to apply your Makeup and have fun. 

 To show our appreciation, our Hostess (her name) will receive Hostess Gifts from Beauty Sensation's Skin Care and Makeup Collection based on the orders you place and also on two or three of you ladies agreeing to Host a Party of your own. By the way, Beauty Sensation need Reps in this area so if any of you ladies would like to do what I'm doing I'll be glad to speak with you later. It's fun and it's easy, 

           Easy, isn't it? It's just like talking to friends. Let's look at what you accomplished:

  • You introduced yourself

  • Thank the Hostess for brining the group together

  • You told them they are there to learn how to apply their Makeup

  • You told them they are there to be introduced to BEAUTY SENSATION. (More on this later.)

  • You told them "our Hostess" will receive Gifts based on their purchases and Party Bookings.

  • You also informed them Beauty Sensation need Reps in the area.

The KEY is not to sound like you are reciting or come across as if you are there to SELL them Cosmetics. None of us like to be sold, we like to sell ourselves and you are there to help them sell themselves on your products and your Opportunity. Yes, you know you are there to sell, Book future Parties and recruit but It's not what you say, it's how you say it and how you go about it. More on this later

BEFORE GOING ANY FURTHER, go back and review what you just read and you'll come to realize how easy it is.

Please read a few times because you'll be quizzed on this for your Consultant's Certificate.


1 . Hostess Coaching:  A well coached Hostess is the KEY to you having a successful party. Click here 


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