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How To Run A Successful Catalog Party




Catalog Parties are sometimes more convenient to our Hostesses, therefore you should never discourage a Catalog Party! Often Hostesses will totally just cancel all together if she feels she is being pressured into doing something she does not want to. If a Hostess wants to try a Catalog Party, allow her to! If the party turns out successful, she is more likely to agree to an in home show in the future! 

Catalog Parties CAN be very successful if the Hostess is coached properly! Here are some ideas for coaching your Hostesses through a Catalog Party.

1- Have your Hostess pick out the things she wants for free. Then calculate it to figure out how much she needs to sell to get what she wants for free. This gives the hostess a goal to work towards.

2- Make sure the hostess has a list to add all of her friends and family on. This way if they all are wrote down, she will not forget to ask anyone!

3- Give your Hostess a start date and an end date. This way you will not be faced with a month long Catalog Show. If she has a date she must close by, she will work to make sure she can all orders within her time frame.

4- Remind your Hostesses to ask everyone if they would be interested in hosting their own party and she can still qualify for more rewards for getting bookings, either in Home or Catalog parties.

5-Call the hostess at least 2 times through out the set time frame to see if she needs any order forms or more catalogs. Doing this will also give you a chance to "check in" and see how things are going so far. Ask how she is doing so far and if there is anything you can do to help her. You may be able to encourage her at this point if things are not going as well as planned.

6- If the Catalog Party is local, instead of having the Hostess deliver the products, you make all deliveries, this way you have a chance to meet each customer and can introduce yourself to them. This way you can possibly gain future shows or recruits, by dealing directly with the customers.

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